Why writing a blog is taking too much time

Why writing a blog is taking too much time

Why writing a blog is taking too much time

Writing a blog is very hard especially when you need to about a topic because it requires you to collect different information and put them together in a single document. If this is viewed from a point of view outside the field, it might seem like it’s an easy task. But just like everything else, it might not be easy as you think. Plenty of reasons are available to prove this fact right and if you start writing it will become apparent how complicated the process is. It is those complications that will make a writer take comparatively a longer time to prepare a blog. These are the tips for reducing the amount of time taken to prepare a blog.

The first reason why most individuals

The first reason why most individuals take so long to prepare a blog is that it is not your priority. Whenever something is not your priority it means you won’t put as much effort as you need to. Many YouTube videos exist where bloggers mention writing as their part-time job like it’s a good thing. The fact is that it is not, whenever you have it as your parallel job it directly translates to being tired while doing your writing. Fatigue is a huge enemy of quality work. You notice that most of these big companies are strict on work time and that is why the products they put out are of high quality.

That is not a coincidence but

That is not a coincidence but it’s something that should get picked up by any serious blog author. You’ll probably take much time making content for the blog since you are tired and your mind is not working properly. Get some rest and only work when your brain is fresh, that’s how you’ll get your work done faster while simultaneously, at better quality. Something else making an author struggle while making content for blogs is, they’ll do so for a niche they’re not professional in, It’s common for authors to think they’ll pull this off with just research. The problem arises when the writer runs out of places to research.

Why writing a blog is taking too much time

From the talk, it may not seem like something possible but when a writer finds out it is, they opt to recycle past work. If you’re using that style, naturally the overall time taken is discouraging. The same effect is caused by a niche that’s been stagnant for a while. Those kinds of niches will push a writer to devise new methods of staying relevant. Writers in that situation will still struggle then end up recycling past work which would take them a huge amount of time.

Poor planning is also another reason why a writer would take more than the recommended time in preparing a piece of work. When you dive head-first like that, chances are you will be involving your brain more while putting information down. Standard writing procedure is that you’ll have to separate thinking aside, which simply means authors should plan for their work. When that is done, it will take a relatively shorter time to work on a piece.

Most authors however don’t know this because they don’t appreciate that communication on paper is a skill just like any other skill and it needs constant effort to be better. Just Cause someone can write words and sentences does not mean he is qualified to be an author. If that were the case, they wouldn’t be things like training for writers or schools. There’s a lot to learn for people that want to be authors and even though it takes time learning these techniques, it’ll reflect on how fast you’re able to write.

Among the skills that get taught in training for writers include being in your zone. That is just a complicated way of saying that writers should write at locations where they feel most comfortable. An office setup might seem like the perfect place to work from but studies are strongly disagreeing with that myth. The same study is what is responsible for companies like Google creating forest-like looking offices for their writers, so they’re more comfortable when working. The first time that was tried out, the numbers of articles produced increased almost exponentially and the same applies to the quality. That just goes forth to show how familiarising yourself with an environment can do a lot to the amount of work you’re putting in.

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