How To Write Properly

How To Write Properly

How To Write Properly

The answer to this question is vague, writing is a liberal art everybody applies his unique style. Writers do write depending on their interest. Some do it to persuade readers or educate them. Proper writing, follow rules of grammar in every language, these rules are in our minds. Writers who follow the phonotactic constraints of a language are considered as the best writers and this is what we refer to as proper writing. An author may decide to do a story the narrative way, expository or persuasive, what counts are how grammar rules are observed.

In English for example, it follows the subject, verb and object rule. Jane went to the market clearly to illustrate the sequence, Jane is the subject, went is verb in past tense form, to the market is the object. Tense, subject, verb, agreement makes your sentence complete just as portrayed above. Punctuation marks are well-placed, they are simple and direct to the point of enabling the readers to perceive messages easily. When the information is easily understood, readers and writers are in communication. The manner of delivering information varies from one writer to another but clarity of the message communicates something.

Choose simple words that are brief,

A proper way to write is achieving grammaticality in any sentence construction. Grammatical rules innate that you are competent as a native speaker, hence you need performance to perfect your skills. Sentence fragments, run-on sentences, lack of subject, verb agreement affect grammatical rules. Writers should express a complete thought by giving out all the necessary details, no statement should be left hanging. If you are presenting an essay, present your argument to give readers a rough idea of what you are describing. Give factual evidence of your argument, don’t just argue without providing reasons with evidence to support your claims.

Choose simple words that are brief, those that readers will understand without the aid of a dictionary. Authors use vocabulary based on context, research your type of audience, and then produce a piece that suits them. The use of simple words and short sentences is not only an advantage to your audience but to you, as the author. Themes and meanings are easy to decipher, giving equal rights to every group of people, including lay people. Reading a short paragraph with good diction ensures cohesion and coherence are observed. Logical flow of ideas is essential for it lures the audience to read the whole story with concentration.

There is no definite answer on

Consider the context of your writing, as if expository requires you to be formal and provide a detailed explanation of everything. Normally, it is your responsibility as the author to educate your audience on all the basic knowledge about the topic in question. How you introduce your topic does not matter rather the manner in which you argue your points. Your target audience should be your top priority and satisfy all their questions with your piece. Concerns must not be raised but addressed and answered with your article.

There is no definite answer on proper way to write, authors have unique ways of presenting ideas. What matters is the logical flow of ideas to express thought and meaning as desired. Knowledge of grammar is vital in providing guidance to be understood. Correct usage of punctuation marks, spelling mistakes and grammar is recommended to produce a good piece of work. The use of punctuation marks counts as it may misguide users to misinterpret news.

How To Write Properly

A complete sentence should express thought, contain a subject plus verb which agree. Phonotactic constraints like, a plosive are followed by liquids in English is general knowledge every native speaker of English possess. Words like play, spring, pray, there is also a possibility of two to three consonants following each other simultaneously just as illustrated. This knowledge is innate in speakers, you can tell if a word does not exist in your language.

Writing requires following instructions of a language to make a piece acceptable and fun. Language specialist will always correct if constraints are flaunted resulting in work being denied. Styles of idea presentation vary therefore does not form the basics of how to write properly. To write properly depends on the author himself, how conversant he is with the topic, research done, context of working, ability to communicate tactfully in a brief manner using aspects like brevity, clarity to pass message across.

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