A Typical Blog Post – How Long It Takes To Forge One?

A Typical Blog Post - How Long It Takes To Forge One?

A Typical Blog Post – How Long It Takes To Forge One?

When writing a typical blog post, various writers take up different time frames. It depends upon their level of expertise and understanding of the topic they are writing about. Study derived results indicate that a typical blog post can take up to 3 to 4hrs to complete. But generating high-quality content essentially requires a long time. The need for writing blog posts to have word counts larger than 2000; that helps generate large Google traction and SEO rankings.

According to analysis by the HubSpot

According to analysis by the HubSpot team, marketers in different regions of the world, on average, spend around 1-2hrs for a 500 words blog post. The HubSpot team has analyzed the average time utilized by bloggers to write blog posts in different regions of the world. According to this analysis, a large portion of marketers spend 1 to 2hrs in generating a typical blog post. Lesser numbers of people in different regions of the world, according to HubSpot analysis, spent 2 to 3hrs per post. The last number comes from a group of bloggers who utilize more than 4hrs to generate a single typical blog post.

For beginners and inexperienced writers, the

For beginners and inexperienced writers, the period to generate a single blog post is even greater. Additionally, the writing and typing speeds of people vary at large, which also affects the time utilized to write blog posts. Research indicates that with time and experience, the overall time taken by writers to write a single blog post reduces. A productive blogger and the founder of Ubersuggests, in his interview with John McDougall of Authority Marketing, stated that earlier, it took him 4 to 5hrs to generate a single blog post. But with seven years of blogging, he has lopped off the time per blog post to under 2hr for a 1000 to 2000 word post. Similarly, as a new blogger, it took Kevin of Buffer Blog around 12hrs per blog post. But now, he too has lopped off that time to around 3hrs.

A Typical Blog Post - How Long It Takes To Forge One?

Apart from word count, several other factors play a role in determining the actual time taken to write a typical blog post. According to research analysis, technical-based blog posts take even longer to write because they require some hardcore analysis. On average, tech blogs take from 4 to 6hrs to complete. The most time taken in crafting tech blogs is because the average suggested length of tech blogs by experts is more than 2000. Generally, if a blogger blogs with the determination of command building and money-making, the time taken per blog post would be more compared to a blog written solely for friends or family alone.

Another factor that plays a pivotal role in determining the overall time taken to write a typical blog post is the writer’s knowledge level about the specific niche. This helps subtract or reduce the research time needed to create quality content. According to research conducted by Orbit Media, on average, to write an article of 1150 words, bloggers take 3hrs and 21min. Their research shows that to create a blog post that has more than 2000 word count, it will take at least 6hrs to create quality content that beats the search engine traction.

As crucial as creating and studying for a blog is, there also comes a third part in generating quality content. It too can take several hours to complete, affecting the overall time utilized in content generation for a blog post. The third part is the editing and reviewing process of the blog. No matter how well and carefully an article for a blog post gets crafted, errors always exist. The need for review and proofreading is, therefore, a must for every blog post.

The bottom line is that crafting a typical blog post requires 1 to 2hrs of constant hard work. But to make it successful for marketing purposes that beats SEO traction, other phenomena like targeted keyword searching, add up to the overall time it takes to craft a quality blog post. Blog posts can be whatever length a blogger feels satisfied with as long as the information conveyed remains relevant and to the point. The overall length of the blog post favorably affects the time it takes to write a typical blog post. Writing a blog post consisting of 1000 words seems like a few hours of play, yet, the reverse is true when thoughts are getting converted to actionable sentences.

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